Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ice Skating with Dad

 Lilly has needed a little bit of incentive to, (how should I put it?)....behave in school.  Not that she is so bad, she just LOVES to talk and be social, and hasn't learned yet that when the teacher is talking,that isn't a good time to do that.   So Lilly's teacher and Jarrett and I have put together a behavior report for Lilly to take to school each day and bring home each evening.  She gets a pom pom for each smiley face, looses one for each frowny face and gets nothing for the straight faced ones.  Once she gets the pom pom jar full, she gets a reward of her choice (within reason).  She chose, without hesitation, to go ice skating...with Jarrett! So, I'm going to let Jarrett write about that!

This is right before we started skating and she was really excited

We started skating and Lilly needed the walker. I thought about getting one for myself, but they were all just for kids.  I  think I'm getting better because the last time I went I was all over the place and falling.

At one point of skating, Lilly bumped right into another novice skater in his behind.  He was nice about it and just laughed.  At another point in skating, Lilly lost control of her footing and spun around a couple of times.  I though she got scared, but she loved it and did it once and awhile.

This picture is an hour after skating, it gets hot after awhile.  We had to get off the ice for the Zamboni machine to clean the ice.  Notice Lilly's rosy cheeks and the Zamboni.

Lilly got a coupon for a free ice cream cone from Artic Circle and she loved it!

Still eating.

Almost there.

Almost gone.

She's a cutie. We finished our little outing and went home after this and I'm glad I went with her.

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  1. Fun! What a great reward for behaving in school!