Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good start, not so good end

 Today started out pretty good, I made this felt headband for Lilly out of an old plastic one from All A Dollar.
 After school we went and got Lilly a new pair of snow boots, since winter is quickly approaching.
 When Jarrett got home, we ate dinner and then for FHE we went to Nickle City.  The kids had a great time and Jarrett and I ran around making sure the kids had enough nickles.

This spider stepping game is pretty hard especially while wearing slippery shoes.
 Lilly took these pictures of Jarrett and I playing Air Hockey.  I put this one in, cause I rarely get photos of Jarrett, especially ones of him with a real smile.

Lilly and Max attempting Dance Dance Revolution.  As you can see, Max loved it.

This is what I did.

Then we came home.   And as I laying in bed listening to Lilly read, I looked up at our ceiling and saw this awful sight!
 So then Jarrett got to do this for 2 and a half hours.   Thank goodness he did cause we knew today was going to be rainy.

 Very grateful for good neighbors who let us borrow their 'tall enough to get on the roof' ladder and for giving us three bottles of roof and flashing sealant.


  1. So sorry about your roof! Cute family!

  2. Love the headband, looks like FHE was fun, and BUMMER about the roof! Hope the leak is fixed for good!