Monday, November 8, 2010

Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

I decided that I was going to make some Christmas Tree Ornaments this year.  Every year our tree is lacking in the ornament department, and we try and fill it with candy canes, which works fine, until we start eating them and then we are left with holes again.   When Jarrett and I were first married we went and chose out the biggest, fullest, (and most pain in the butt) artificial tree we could find.  The tree has to be put together piece by piece and takes FOREVER!!!  It looks great, but it is HUGE!  It takes up a large portion of the living room and takes a lot of ornaments to fill.  So back to the lack of ornament problem, I decided that I needed to start now, if I was going to have them all finished by the time it's time to put up the tree.  We put ours up the day after Thanksgiving and leave it up until the day after New Years.  Mostly because it's such a pain to put up and take down, and we want to have it up as long a possible to make it worth the pain of putting up and taking down. 

So my plan was to try and do three a day, until I'm done.  I'm just making up the patterns.  Free handing  them onto  some paper and cutting  them out. 
 So these three doves were the first day.   Made with felt, sewn together, and  stuffed with Poly-Fil stuffing, from our new Hobby Lobby Store! (Yea! Finally!)  I used Embroidery Floss for the eyes and the string to hang them.
 These penguins were the second day.  Felt and hot glue did the trick here.  As well as Embroidery Floss eyes and string.  Tried out three different colors for eyes and decided I definitely don't like the blue.  At least not that color of blue.  I think I like the yellow the best, but the pink is kinda growing on me.
Stay tuned for the rest.  I think I'm doing a Gingerbread house, snowman, stars, hearts (for Lilly) a tree and Santa.  When I'm all done, I may go back and make some more of some of them, I haven't decided yet.  We'll see how I'm feeling, by the end of this.

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