Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Fence Finally!

Here is a photo of how it looked before.  I never took a before picture of that hideous scene and I'm actually pretty surprised I had this one.  I usually purposely took picture from a different angle as to avoid that scene.  Our neighbors over there are really quite nice.  They are an older hispanic couple and are rarely outside.

Here's how it looked after we tore down that monstrosity of a "fence" we had before:
 See where that 3 foot grass is?  That's where the borderline was.  We actually have an extra foot now in some places because that other fence was so uneven.

 And here is the finished product!  Much improvement don't you think?


  1. NICE big yard. Love the space. My pups would be in heaven there! :D Hey..I see mountains in the background. Where do you live? I have mountains, too! Weee! Hugs