Friday, June 24, 2011

Watercolor Series- Art Background

I'm thinking of doing a Watercolor series and I thought I'd start with my "art background."  My Grandmother on my father's side was a Watercolorist.  One of the best.  She spent years learning and teaching it.  Studying under Clive O'Leary, Lee Weiss, Claude Croney, Zoltan Szabo, Tom Hill, Frank Webb, George Cherepov, Tony Van Hasselt, and Betty DeMaree.  My father was an Art Teacher at Alta High School.    He learned from his mother as well taking workshops with alot of the same people as my grandmother.  He taught Watercolor lessons at night in our basement and sold paintings on the side to help make ends meet.  We were always taking paintings to various art shows.  As far back as I can remember I had a set of Watercolor paints.  Crayola when I was younger, and on my 10th birthday I got a set of the real deal Watercolors and brushes. ( Grumbacher and Windsor and Newton) most of which were hand me downs from my grandma and father (which I still have.)  I also got a coupon (at said birthday) to attend Watercolor classes in my basement with about 6-8 other people, (mostly older ladies.)
I took art classes all through Junior high ( Drawing and a stage building/painting class), and High school.  In high school we had a block schedule where you have "A" days and "B" days.  So you attend half your classes on an "A" day and the other half on a "B" day.  My senior year I had it arranged so I spent all of my "A" day and half of my "B" day in Art.  I took Painting and had 2 back to back drawing classes and AP (Advanced Placement)Art.  I received an Art Scholarship to UVSC where I took 3 painting classes and a couple of drawing classes.  I was planning on a career in teaching art like my father but youth and stupidity got in the way.  I dropped out and  went to work for my uncle in his Dental Lab making (sculpting teeth out of wax) to be turned into crowns.  I did that until my first child was born.  Didn't do a whole lot of drawing or painting during the next 5 or 6 years mostly due to very young children and the fact that I didn't have a space to do it.  I'd always get the paints out to do Christmas cards every year and would hate the fact that I was "no good " at painting anymore.
Last year we finally moved the kids to a room in the basement and that freed up a room upstairs that we turned into and office/painting room where I could leave my stuff out.  I painted more often but not a lot.  I started this blog in September of last year and I finally had a creative outlet.  Even if nobody was looking at it it forced me to create again.  5 months ago I set myself a goal to, every Wednesday (Watercolor Wednesdays) post all of the painting I had finished that week.  It forced me to be painting every week and my art work is showing the practice I've put in.
A few weeks ago I found a blog where I can link up my art work with other people around the world.  It's nice to have a place I can share my art work finally and see others work and get inspiration that way.


  1. awesome! that must have been so fun to have a dad that taught art. That is how I hope my daughter feels :) I teach elementary art. Having a blog is a good way for me to keep busy. I feel a little extra push to make more so I have something to show people!

  2. such beautiful work, I'm having blogger ossues,, I hope this goes through, its very nice to meet you,