Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to: Make a Travel Find It Game

Pretty self explanatory.  As I was at the store last night looking for "travel games" for the kids for our up coming trip I spotted one of those Find it Games that come in a tube and look like lots of fun.  But then I checked the price tag and $20 was more than I wanted to spend.  So I decided to make my own for free.
I used items from our button bag that have various shaped buttons and ribbons.  I added a pom pom, a car, a penny, and  some pirate gold and ended up with about 45 different objects to find.  I wrote them all down first.  If you were to place all the objects on a piece of white paper and then take a picture of them and then print it out, little kids could know what to find.
 Then I filled a Gallon size Ziploc bag with rice:
You could make individual (smaller) bags with quart size Ziploc bags.  Then I filled it with all my objects and typed up and printed out the "Finding List" and lastly shook the bag with goodies up!


  1. What a great idea! I'm totally copying!

  2. I think I clicked too soon and lost my comment. Again I said this is a wonderful, creative idea that I am going to pass on to my grandchildren.

  3. It makes me so happy when people like my ideas! I've been trying to keep mine away from my children until our trip. I think too, I filled mine a little too full of rice. I've taken a couple cups of the rice out! It's really fun for adults too! I think it would be great for church or doctor's office waiting room visits:)