Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A lost tooth...finally!

 Last night as I was brushing Lilly's teeth before bed, I noticed that her permanent tooth was starting to come in behind her loose one and being in the Dental Field for 5 years and my husband as well (going on 7 years) I freaked out!  All these pictures of people with "problem" mouths went through my head.  Believe me I've seen some doozys.  So I did what any rational person would do.   I made my husband pull her tooth.  Luckily he was on his way home at the time.  I used to pull my own teeth and had no problem doing so.  But the thought of pulling her little tooth just made me sick.  Thank you Jarrett for doing the dirty work:)  It took 2 pulls and it was out.  She gave a little shriek and cried for about 2.5 seconds and once she realized her tooth was out she couldn't stop smiling!  Plus she got to stay up for an extra half hour while we waited for the bleeding to stop.
Upon closer look, it doesn't look too far back as I thought and we are hoping that it will move forward on its own.  Both Jarrett and I have pretty naturally straight teeth and Lilly's baby teeth were "perfect."  Not a tooth out of place or crooked.

Her favorite thing to do now is to stick her tongue through the hole when she smiles and to drink through the opening with a straw........ Oh and did I mention, she has 2 more loose teeth.  Both adjacent to the one she just lost.  More hope that the little crooked one will move into its rightful place.
The tooth fairy made her first appearance and brought money and gum as well as a note and certificate.  Lilly woke up at 1 am and came up with her loot.  I looked at her stuff with her and took her back downstairs where we discovered "pixie dust" on her bookshelf, pillow and window sill.  She couldn't have been happier.

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  1. Okay, I wandered over from the Paint Party Friday and found this post.I had to show it to my five year old granddaughter who is temporarily living with me while they build a house. She lost her tooth on Monday! Same tooth. And she loves doing the same things as Lilly does.
    My three year old grandson was scared of the tooth fairy coming during the night and had nightmares but all is well, now.