Friday, October 14, 2011

2nd Grade School Pictures

Lilly had her school pictures taken today. But I snapped a few shots before she went to school. She wanted her hair straightened so badly!
And just for fun here is mine and Jarrett's 2nd grade school pictures. (I had to dig and dig to find these babies.)  Also I was a year older than Lilly and Jarrett  in these photos.  I missed the school deadline and they didn't so I was already 8 when the photo was taken and Lilly won't be 8 until the end of August.
 So who does she look most like?  I think she's a pretty good mix of us both :) She's got my eyes, but Jarrett's mouth and face shape.  Her nose looks like neither of ours.  I think it's going to look like her Grandma Begay's.

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