Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Costumes

We had our neighborhood/ward Trunk or Treat tonight so we all got dressed up in our costumes.  So we took some pictures.  Here they are.
Max was Batman

Lilly was Bat Woman (Not Bat Girl, Comic book fanatics at this house would be appalled if I got it wrong.)

Jarrett and I were Nacho and Encarnacion . From the Movie Nacho Libre.

The Whole Family
I made all the costumes except mine, I borrowed it from my sister who got it at a Thrift Shop.


  1. I saw Nacho (passing out candy), but I missed the rest of you. Great costumes.

  2. oh how super sweet!!! !love the costumes!!! great photos...thank you for sharing these!!!!

  3. Happy Haunting!!!!!!!!! adorable,,,I mean scary too!!!!!!!!
    cheers, dana

  4. happy halloween, great photos!!!!!!

  5. awww, so cute! you have a lovely family!