Saturday, October 15, 2011

No Sew Tutu

 This is very easy to make, can be made to fit any size, and doesn't need any sewing!!!

For this size tutu about a 6-10 years old, you'll need 4-6 yards of Tulle.  I used only 4 yards for this one and it's not super full.  I had to space out the tulle quite a bit more than I thought.  So if you used 5 or 6 yards it would be really full.   Measure the waist of the person who the tutu is for and then add 20 inches on either side for the tie.  Tie a knot on either end of where the waist measurement was.
 I used this tutorial show below to cut and tie the tutu.

 Tie the tulle strips between the knots.

This one is a gift for a friend.  Lilly originally didn't want one, but once she tried it on for the picture, she decided that maybe a black one wouldn't be so bad.  She takes after her parents.

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