Monday, October 24, 2011


Halloween has always held a special place in my heart.  I have lots of really good memories of Halloween from my youth. My dad would help us make Halloween decorations and he would always bring home a piece of butcher paper from work (he was an art teacher) the size of our door and we would draw and color a life size witch stirring her cauldron and hang it on our door.  My Dad always took us Trick or Treating and took us out until our bags broke from the weight of the candy.   he also used to always take us to Taylor Maid in the mall and scare the crap out of us by trying on the scariest mask he could find and chasing us around the store.  He used to LOVE to scare us and I now do the same thing to my kids.  Not sure why I get such a kick out of scaring especially because they are so easy to scare.    I think one of best jobs I could ever have would be to work at a Haunted House.  I would LOVE to do that.  L O V E!
Jarrett and I were married on Halloween, despite our parents urging to "choose another day" and people telling us that we would "live to regret" that decision.   I apparently haven't lived long enough because I haven't regretted it yet.  Halloween has got to be the best holiday ever!  I thought it would be fun to show a bunch of Halloween photos of us through the years...since it is our 10 year Anniversary!
This photo is having issues....obviously.


Blurry, but the only one we've got..





Learned how to make this fake skin and blood at a scouting activity by a really, really old man.  I need to make a post about it.  Oddly enough I was only one writing down the info...?  what?  I was a "gunshot wound victim" this year, with all that mess that is  on my arm in this photo (this was a trial run the day before), on my face (forehead to be exact.)  But for some reason neither Jarrett or I can find any photos of it. ??/??????

I should mention that the photo below is my mom, my  kids, and sister's little boy.  This is the only photo we can find of our kids for this year.



costumes yet to come....but we can't resist a Halloween store.

Click HERE to see Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up about Halloween.

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  1. Scary stuff! jk. Happy Anniversary and Halloween! Gotta love it.:)