Monday, February 7, 2011

A finished quilt and Ramblings of a mad woman.........

Max's blue quilt that is.  It's very warm and heavy and although there are things I don't like about it, it turned out pretty good.
On another note, today was a hectic day.  Monday's are always busy, busy, busy.  I do all of my cleaning and washing on Mondays.  I used to drag it out through the week when the kids were littler, (is that even a word?  It must be spell check didn't underline it.) but I finally said to myself..."self, why are you torturing yourself everyday? Just do it all on one day and get it over with ."  And I listened.  Not that I let the house go the rest of the week, but at least it's just tidying up and not thorough cleaning.  But that's not the worst part of the day.  Somehow I missed the memo that Lilly was out of school today at 1:30. ( I swear I never got a note) So I get a phone call at 1:45 (that I don't answer by the way because I didn't recognize the number)  and then a voice mail ( which I didn't listen to for 5 minutes)  that Lilly was crying hysterically in the office because no one had come to pick her up.  So at 2:08 I finally pull up to the school with a screaming Max (who didn't want to leave before Yo Gabba Gabba was over and the fact that we drove instead of walked (in beautiful weather i might add) I've never seen such a sad face in my life as I saw on Lilly's.  She started crying again when she saw me and saying things like "I walked around the whole school and checked all the parking lots and you weren't there!"  Talk about guilt.  But in my defense I never saw a letter and Jarrett said he never did either.  Sure am glad this day is OVER!

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