Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Dinner

I had my Valentines Dinner with my Grandparents tonight and it turned out great..except for when I whipped the cream for our Molten Lava cakes and forgot to put the powdered sugar in it.  I of course was the last to get mine (good hostess I know ) and I took a bite and about threw up.   Have you ever tasted whipped cream?  Not all?  It's pretty disgusting.  Especially when you are expecting something sweet.  My Grandma said " I thought it tasted a little funny and thought about saying something but didn't, because I thought it might be rude."  My grandpa said "tastes like chocolate to me"  Jarrett claims he hadn't tasted his yet and kids weren't complaining either.   I thought it tasted awful but maybe its because I was more critical because I made it.  I do that. So we sprinkled lots of powdered sugar on the top and was great.
Here is the Christmas light chandelier made with chicken wire.  It looks a little pathetic with the lights not on and the drapes open....but black out the curtains and turn on those lights and...........................
It actually did turn out pretty cool.  This picture doesn't do it any justice.  My kids love their Great- Grandparents and I'm glad they have the chance to get to know them.  They are so sweet.

It actually was darker in here, but the person who took the pictures listened to my idiocracy and put the camera on "indoor" so it made the flash come on and look like this.
 Here is a really bad picture of the drinks I made.  I mixed White Grape Juice with 7-up and put grapes in it so they collected the bubbles and floated..... at least all the ones who didn't have their picture taken floated.   Max's sank because he didn't drink his and it sat for an hour.  He doesn't like Carbonation.

And the Molten lava cakes (recipe from Our Best Bites.  Sorry I'm too lazy to put a link.  Just google it if you want to see the blog.)
We all had a great time and the Grandparents even brought Valentines for the kids.  I love my family and I love getting together with them.

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