Friday, February 18, 2011

Elastic band Shorts

So I made the kids each a pair of shorts today.  Yeah I'm excited for Spring!   Elastic band pants and shorts are one of the easiest things to make!  You can just trace a pair of shorts or pants you like the fit of, (Fold them in half on the center seam and trace the half.  The you place that on the fold of the fabric)  and then sew them together.  I think it took about an hour total, for both pair of shorts.  There is also a great tutorial Here on how to sew shorts and pants for kids.  I recommend seeing the tutorial because my instructions suck.
I made Lilly's out of leftover Flannel from her quilt and Max's are made out of a pair of old curtains ha ha!  Lilly's are intended for sleeping in and Max's are for church.  Hopefully he's still young enough to get away with shorts for Church.  He's 3.  Well he's wearing them to church this Spring at least once.


  1. I totally thought Max had a cast on his arm in that top picture! They look thrilled with their shorts!

  2. Ha Ha! It does look like a cast! They are thrilled and so am I!