Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lilly's Valentine Quilt

I thought that I would surprise Lilly with her quilt on Valentines Day...since it's her favorite holiday and this quilt couldn't be more perfect for her.   Walmart was having a sale on their Flannel for $1.50 a yard and I found all this cute Valentines themed flannel and bought everything for the whole quilt (60"x60") for about $7 dollars!   I decided on no binding, and I used an old fleece blanket for the inside.  It's a really heavy blanket.  I've been cutting and sewing like mad trying to get it ready in time for Valentines.  Thank you to my wonderful husband who kept the kids out of my hair for 3 1/2 hours today so I could finish it.  I hope Lilly will be surprised.  I am excited to give it to her with her chocolates and pillow.