Monday, February 21, 2011

What's in my Bag?

I laughed when I dumped the contents of my purse out!  Here is my purse first of all.  Got it at Uncle Sams Army surplus store.  I love this style and color of bag.  I think I own probably 3 or 4 similar to this.
They are really durable and last forever!

 Yeah! I keep really important things in my purse.
3 ikea pencils
2 pens
lipstick I think I've worn once
Arby's coupons
underwear for my little boy
knitted ear covering
dental appointment reminder cards
hair scrunchy (yes I still wear them)
empty plastic bag that held nickels at Nickel City
Handcuff tag (that came from Nickel City)
 I thought it would be fun to show what Lilly has in her purse too.  One of her purses.  She has probably 5 or 6.  All of them filled to the top with nick nacks.  I chose this one because it's the smallest.

 She keeps all the important things in her purse too.  Like Mother like daughter I guess.
Pirate gold                                      
Crown tag that came off a pair of clothes          
Bubble wand
Pirate eye patch                              
Heart tin with bouncy balls                                
Monkey ring
Gold Pirate earring                          
Mini Hair brush
Pirate finger sword                          
broken pirate telescope                    
Compass watch
Hair brush                                      
Elf, fairy, and My Little Pony figurines
Heart Pez dispenser                        
and a bunch of  random things she has made

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