Monday, May 9, 2011

Almost all the Rest

So can you believe that the last (supposed) frost date is here?  Today's the day to plant ALMOST everything else in your garden.  Beans, Corn, tomatoes and squash.  Cucumbers are supposed to wait until next week ( a week after the last frost date.)   Although it has been known (last year and the year before) to snow the week after.   So waiting until next week might not be so bad.  Since it's raining here today and for the next couple I'll probably wait until Wednesday to plant my corn and beans.  I also always plant marigolds with my garden.  They are supposed to keep away pests .  They seem to work.  The last few years our garden has been great, even when neighbors have complained about bugs in theirs.  I give complete credit to the marigolds.  Click HERE to learn more about companion planting.  I always just buy the marigolds as seeds and then harvest the seeds from them in fall and then re-plant again in the spring.  But you could buy some pre-grown ones from a nursery.  But I'd highly suggest planting them, next to, if not in your garden.  They not only keep away the bugs, but they add color to your garden and make it beautiful to look at.

Corn gets planted one to a square foot and I usually devote 16 squares for corn.  I just lay a 4x4' grid directly in the dirt and plant them in the ground.
Beans,  (Mel Bartholomew creator of Square Foot Gardening) says one to a square, but I have done two in a square the past 3 years and have been fine.
Cucumbers two in a square foot
Squash needs one plant, planted in the middle of 4 square feet.

I also use Miracle Gro.  I buy the granules .  The individual little bags that are supposed to go in the feeders.  They come with a Tablespoon scoop with instructions for smaller feeding.  1 Tablespoon per gallon of water.  I water the seeds  (the first watering after planting) with Miracle Gro and then maybe twice a month.   Happy Gardening!

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