Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Day in the Life of Me

As a stay at home mom, I've been asked more times than I can count, what I do all day.  So now, the next time someone asks, I'll direct them to my blog.

7-7:30am- Wake up and eat breakfast.  Yes they happen almost immediately following each other.  I almost never wait more than 10 minutes to eat after I get up.  Hunger pains are usually what wakes me up.  When I worked, if I had only enough to time to eat or shower, I always ate.
7:45-8:50am- Doing various things, checking Facebook, reading blogs, but usually helping Lilly get  ready for school ( Lunch, hair, dressed) and Max ready for the day.
8:50am-  Family Prayer.  I'm quite proud to say that we are getting quite good at remembering to do this.  At least on week days.
9:00am- Out the door.  Max and I walk Lilly to school every day.  Rain or shine.  Or snow.  My kids have way too much energy and Lilly has only one recess (lunch) that she doesn't always get all of, because she eats so slow.  She needs the time to burn off the extra energy before having to sit and be still for the next 6 hours.  It also starts the day off with some fresh air and gives me chance to talk with my kids that doesn't happen when on the rare occasion (ice storms and negative temperatures) that we drive.
9:20am- Arrive at home.  Max LOVES to walk and we quite often take the "scenic" way home.  
9:20-10:30am- Snacks, read books with Max, play with Monster Trucks, play outside.
10:30-11:30am- Exercise
11:30-12pm- Eat lunch
12-3:20pm- Shower and then depending on the day, Clean the house, grocery shop, yard work, visiting teaching, laundry, vacuuming, mopping floors, mixed in with keeping a 3 year old happy and fed.
3:20- 3:45- Leave to get Lilly, wait for 10 minutes for Lilly to emerge from the school and break her loose from her friends and walk home.
3:45- 5:00pm-  Kids usually play outside while I start getting dinner ready.
5pm-6:30pm- Dinner and clean up kitchen
6:30-7:30- Play with kids
7:30-9pm- Family Scriptures, Prayer and read books to Max for bedtime, followed by homework and reading with Lilly
9pm-Lilly's Bedtime.  I know it seems late for a 6 year old, but if she goes to bed any earlier she's up before 6:30am. and I don't want to be up before then.  She's never needed very much sleep.
9-11pm- Painting, sewing, or watching TV.  Then anywhere from 11-12:30ish, is bedtime.

 Of course I don't follow this schedule everyday exactly.  But this is a good "Normal" day.

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