Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Max,

You are growing up too fast.  I wish I could stop time,  I wish I could remember you just the way you are right now.  Of course I've said that at every stage of your life, but it's true.  I was very nervous about having a boy because I grew up will all girls and had only had a girl child.  I was very sick when I was pregnant with you and I would lay in bed ALL day with Lilly.  We would watch PBS Kids, because we didn't have any other channels.   Dragon Tales was one of Lilly's favorites and the kids on that show are named Max and Emmy.  The name grew on me and that's how you got your name.
I went into labor on the morning of the 26th of September around 5 or 6 am.  I was in labor all day and finally called Daddy home from work to take me to the hospital at 6 pm.  I finally gave in and decided to get an epidural at around 7pm.  Your heart rate kept dropping drastically every time I had a contraction and everyone thought the umbilical cord was wrapped around you neck.  So they preformed an emergency C-Section, found out the cord was NOT wrapped around your neck at all, and whisked you away for tests and IV's.   The Doctor told me there was no medical reason for your heart rate to have been dropping the way it was.  The only reason I can think of was that they found a cyst somewhere inside of me (that they removed), while doing the c-section.
When you were very little, you would just lay on a blanket or in your bouncy chair, with your hands above your head and just stare at your hands.  You would wiggle your fingers and turn your hands  to every angle.   You were so amazed by your hands.   Your sister did this too, but not like you did.  You did this for months.
This was another of your favorite ways to sit.  You always put your feet up on the bar above your bouncy chair.

You were a very good eater.  From the time you were born until I stopped nursing you (I'm a little embarrassed to admit this) when you were 2 years old you ate morning and night every 2 hours.    I used to think that you weren't getting enough milk but looking back at pictures, you definitely were.  I think you were maybe 3 months here.

  Very exhausting for me but I will always cherish the those times.  I loved looking down and staring at your beautiful face, proud that we had accomplished something together.

You have always looked up to Lilly even when you were little.  I also love how you instinctively look out for her and me.  When ever we walk to or from the school you always point out things we should avoid and then you look back until we've passed them, to make sure we didn't get hurt (or wet).  You'll make a great husband and father someday.

I just want to eat you up in this picture.  Drool and all.

You loved going swimming and taking a bath.  When you were getting your first bath in the hospital, Daddy said that you were screaming  when they were getting you ready but as soon as they poured that warm water on your head you stopped.  For a long time after that when you would cry inconsolably I would wrap you in a blanket and put your head (just the top) under the faucet in the kitchen and you would always stop crying.
You have always loved anything with wheels.  Especially Monster trucks.  When you were about 6 months old, you would play with the monster trucks that Lilly got in a kids meal 2 years before and make the motor boat sound, trying to imitate a truck.  Not sure where you picked that up, just ingrained in your DNA I guess.  Look at how amazed you are by that truck.

You didn't roll over until you were about 6 months old and then you went straight from laying on your back one day to rolling over and getting your knees under you and crawling the next.  Well, maybe 3 days.  Then the only reason you ever crawled was to get to the couch or table to stand.  Although by the time you were about 7 months old you could go from crouching in the middle of a room (or our yard) to standing all on your own.  Everyone would comment on it and no one had ever seen a baby who could that.  You were walking (unassisted) at 8 months and running at 9.

 You are a silly boy, a sensitive boy, a sweetheart.  You love ninja's and Batman.  Kung Fu Soccer is one of your favorite movies.  You point and do a come here motion with your finger that a character on the movie does.  You love to watch Monster Trucks on You tube and sing Bad to Bone  while driving your own little monster trucks around.  "Breakin' around da... honey, Bad to the Bone"

You called your sister "he-ya" for the longest time.  Here are some other fun words you've said:
Kitty-cat -Kit Kat
Friar Tuck - Fire truck
You didn't talk until after you were 2 and a half.  At your 2 year check up you still weren't talking and so we were referred to a place called Kids on the Move.  As part of the sign up for that place, you had to get a hearing test and you kept failing them.  (Very little sleep for me during this period).  After about 5 hearing tests I finally decided to take you to an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor who found out through a surprise Nasal Scope that you had Chronic Fluid in your ears.  So we had tubes placed in your ears and your speech took off after you could hear.  (Surprise!)  You are very smart!  Even though your speech was so far behind, all that reading and talking to you must have helped because your comprehension was off the charts for your age!  You surprise me everyday with the things you know.
  You love your hair long (you cried when we cut it)  and like me, you like playing alone.    Your an observer  (like me) rather than a participator.  You don't ever get mad or jealous when your sister gets something you don't.
You get really shy when I brag or tell anyone about you and when I catch you doing something cute and call you on it, you give a little half smile while looking at me out of the corner of your eye while bowing your head down.
You love rocks and sticks and you love the alphabet.  You can at 3 years of age recognize all upper and lower case letters and you know all the sounds they make.  You can also recognize numbers up to 10.
I love you Max!  I hope you know that.  You should, I tell about a thousand times a day!    I love watching you grow and experience new things!  Here's to an eternity together!!!
Love, Mom

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