Monday, May 2, 2011

Old School Nightie

 When I was little I always slept in a nightie.  You know the kind?  A one piece dress that's long, flowery and flowy with lots ruffles and ribbon.   The kind the girl in the Nutcracker wore.

One of the fabrics my friend gave me, just screamed "nightie."
So I started planning out how this nightie would look.  I found a tutorial on SEW MAMA SEW, for a Spring  Ruffle Top, which I thought would work great for a nightie.  I followed the instructions on the tutorial with a few adjustments.  I didn't add the pockets, I lengthen it, added BUTTON HOLES (YEA!!!) and put in a ribbon and added some ruffles to the bottom.  I've got a shirt in the works for Lilly and maybe dress as well with this pattern.
 This was before I added the ruffles to the bottom.  I thought I was done but it clearly needed some ruffles.

Lilly could not stop twirling in this nightie!

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  1. GREAT job!!! That is a CUTE nightie!! You can tell Lilly loves it.