Monday, May 30, 2011

First Loose tooth

Lilly found out last night that one of her lower centrals (#25 for those who know teeth) was loose.  At 11pm she was still awake and came out to the living room and said she couldn't sleep.  She was afraid she would swallow her tooth.
As we speak she going into her second hour of trying to eat breakfast.  She has to hold a mirror while she's eating, because she's afraid of swallowing it.  Ha Ha! She's so cute.  Tooth Fairy better get ready.  What did, or does the tooth fairy bring to your house?  She's never been here before.


  1. Cute girl.
    Hey, we are waiting right now for caterpillars for the butterfly thing. I didn't realize they excreted blood. Hmmm. I guess we have to do it now since Lucy knows about it. Yuck.

  2. It's actually like a Meconium stuff that is left over coloring from their wings...if that helps any.

  3. What a cute story and a great memory for her to look back on! Our tooth fairy leaves 2 quarters for each tooth. She forgets to come for a few days though so I hope yours is more prompt than ours! ;D