Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 13 Goals

I don't think I have ever made New Years Resolutions.  Ever.  Not seriously anyway.  There were the few school writing assignments that I wrote something down.... to fill the assignment, but never had any intention to follow.  I make goals, just not at the beginning of the year.  Like say for instance,  back in September  I told myself I wanted to start making quilts.  Here we are 4 months later and I've got 5 under my belt, with another one on the way.  Last year, at the beginning of the  summer I told myself that I  wanted to go hiking every Saturday.  I only missed 2 times.  One because of an Elders Quorum activity and one because I was feeling under the weather.  ( Did you know that term 'under the weather' comes from sailors?  When they didn't feel well, they would go under the deck, 'under the weather.') A n y w a y s back to Goals.  I've tried to think up a few that I DO plan on trying to keep.

1) I want to learn how to make fondant

2) I want to sew myself a dress

3)  I want to continue hiking on Saturdays, at least when the weather permits.

4) Learn more about the different kinds of fabric

5) Get our sidewalk poured

6) Get our mailbox moved, and a planting area made out front

7) Get the rest of the backyard fenced in

8) Get our credit card payed off.

 I'll probably think up some  more as the year goes on, and some of these goals will depend upon money so if they don't get done, money was most likely the issue.  I Do NOT like to set goals and not finish them...I'm kind of strong willed that way.  That or stubborn.  Like when I told myself I was going to get our planting area ready and the back corner of our yard filled in with the grass dug up from the front.  (In November) Yeah, I had giarddia and was puking every few hours and still did it, almost all by myself.  Maybe I'm just stupid? Ha Ha!  Anyways, here's to my goals Cheers!

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