Thursday, January 13, 2011

15 Days of Jennifer

I saw this cute idea on this blog here.  She's the wife of an old friend that I've been secretlyblog stalking for a while now and finally came out and told her.  Anyways I thought the idea was a good one and so I'm going to do my best to do it as well.  (And I hope she doesn't mind.)
 This is going to be a lot of information about me and so if anyone doesn't want to read it, you don't have to.  This is my blog and I'll write what I want.

Day 1
For the first day you're supposed to write 15 facts about yourself and then include a self portrait. This was really, really hard for me for some reason.  I've thought about this for almost 24 hours.  But I think I've finally pinned down 15 things that would best describe me.  But first the picture.  Let's get that out of the way.  This is my favorite picture of myself at the moment. So I'm using this one.  Even though it looks like I'm holding my boob, which I'm not.
Fact #1
I love to create things.  All things.  Whether it's painting, drawing , crafting, baking or gardening.  I'm a happy person when I'm creating.

Fact #2
I love nature.  I love drawing it, painting it, hiking in it, which brings me to number 3

Fact #3
I love to garden.  Both vegetable and flower.  I know this is going to sound weird but I enjoy weeding.  It gives me quiet time to think while doing something that you can look back at and be proud of.

Fact #4
 I am a list maker.  I LOVE to make lists.  To do lists, grocery lists, I even start making a list before we go on vacation of all things I need to bring or pack so that I won't forget anything.

Fact #5
I enjoy exercising.  I exercise 5 or 6 days of the week.  I do 3 days cardio and 3 days of strength training.  I like the discipline and consistency of it.

Fact #6
I do NOT enjoy road trips.  I can honestly think of nothing worse.  Uggg!

Fact #7
I like to 'scare' people. I can't think of another way to word this one.  When I was younger I used to hide in the bathroom behind the shower curtain after dinner, so that when my sisters would come in to wash up after dinner, I could jump out and scare the living daylights out of them.  I also like teasing and playing jokes on people.

Fact #8
I sleep with a fan on.  I can't sleep without 'white' noise.

Fact #9
I have a hard time making decisions.  Even simple things like what kind of computer paper to buy or which brand of toothbrush.  I seriously stand in the aisle for like 5 minutes trying to decide these things.

Fact #10
I over think EVEYTHING!  Which goes back to the decision making.  I lie awake at night thinking about things.  Have you ever read the poem What If's by  Shel Sliverstein?  This describes me to a T.

Fact #11
I am a very shy person.  Although I think I am doing better.

Fact #12
 I am a people watcher.  I'd rather watch than interact.

Fact #13
 I am a homebody. I'd much rather stay in than go out any day.  (My poor husband is the complete opposite.)

Fact #14
I love music.  Mostly Classic rock and Punk rock but I do like some Indie stuff and the old Western stuff, like Johnny Cash.

Fact #15
 I am a wife, mother of 2, daughter, and granddaughter, and I enjoy all these roles.


  1. Yay! I am so glad you are doing this. I'm excited to get to know more about you :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! It's been really fun! Thanks for the idea! I enjoyed learning about you too! (Even though you didn't know I was doing it he he).