Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Batgirl Pillow Doll

Finished Lilly's Batgirl doll yesterday.  Did anyone notice anything wrong with Max's Batman Doll?  Lilly pointed  out to me yesterday, that Max's, Doll's ,Batman Emblem was wrong.  I did a yellow bat and a black background. OOps! Did anyone else catch that?
If I had a daughter who liked girly dolls, I would totally make these.   When I finished sewing the hair on Max's doll, I thought, this looks a lot like the dolls my Aunt Kristy made for her grand daughters.   I was not even thinking of them when I made Max's doll.  Maybe in my sub conscience  I was, but I thought I'd give her credit for inspiring me.  She's a very talented seamstress and quilter.  She make a lot of  really cute things!

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