Sunday, January 16, 2011

Head bands and Hair Clips

This week for our Young Womens activity, we are going to be making headbands and hair clips and homemade lip gloss (which I'll blog about  later).

Our budget is limited and I stumbled upon an idea on the web about making interchangeable headbands and thought 'Hey, you could do it with hair clips too!"  I love this idea!  It is genius!  Whoever first came up with it should patent the idea!  Only 1 head band and clip to keep track of!!!  You just change out the flower, bow, or other decoration!

 You just make a little loop on the back of the 'flower" in this instance.  I just used a piece of felt.  For the flowers I just left a loop on the back with the extra fabric.
 Then you can slide on which ever one you want.  You could even slide on multiple flowers.  For a baby, you could use cloth headbands and put a piece of velcro on the headband and one on the back of the flowers. Piece of cake!
 I used the alligator clips for this project.

 Or if you're like me and feel kinda weird with a flower in your hair, you could just clip it onto a purse, bag, jacket, or rear view mirror of your car.  The possibilities are endless!


  1. These are so adorable! And I know what you mean about putting a flower on your head. Some people can do it, but I just can't pull it off!
    And I'm loving learning more about you in those posts!