Thursday, January 6, 2011

Magic Noodles

 Lilly got some Magic Noodles from her cousin William, for Christmas and we finally broke them out last night. Max was very relieved.  For some reason he has had a fascination with them ever since Christmas and since they are Lilly's I kept telling him, we needed to wait for Lilly to be home before we tried them out.
For those of you who don't know what they are, (I didn't) they are styrofoamy feeling  (although they are made out of cornstarch) things that stick together when you get them wet.  They are bio-degradable and completely disintegrate when put under running water. The kids had a lot of fun doing it.  Look at Lilly's smile in the next photo.

One of Lilly's creations

Max mostly just stuck them together and tried to figure out how to make them into a monster truck.

The wheels are turning

These are all mine!

Lilly does this funny, (but cute) thing when she gets really excited.  I'm not even sure how to explain it, but she flaps hers arms  and looks around like she is possessed, and she's doing it in this next photo. She's done it since she was very little.  She's also doing it in the first photo.
 For the life of me I could not figure out how to make a Monster Truck out of these things.  But Lo and behold my smart little cookie figured it out all by himself! Look!
 Duh! Why couldn't I think of that.  I forget sometimes to think simple.  I was trying to figure out some elaborate thing, when this is all he needed.  He even got them driving over cars!

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