Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 11 A Place I've Traveled to

Cancun, Mexico.

Before my husband and I had kids, we had the opportunity to go to Cancun.  My uncle (boss) paid for everyone who worked there to go.  Partly as a reward  ( for keeping costs and waste down, and partly Christmas present.)  We knew enough in advance that we were able to save up for my husbands half of the trip.

Our hotel room's view

The ocean at night

This is where we ate breakfast everyday

Here are our cheesy tourist shots:

Neither Jarrett or I were haggled by the people there to "buy" stuff.  I guess we looked hispanic enough that they didn't bother us.
We went on a fun "Excursion" while we were there.  We took a bus 2 hours away and hiked through a rain forest, repelled, zip lined, biked, visited a temple went down in an underground cave and swam in the pure lake there, rowed boats and had an awesome authentic Myan lunch.  It was A LOT of fun!

This was the "opening" to the underground cave

Zip-lining through the tree tops

We also spent some days at the beach.  The water is so clear and warm and beautiful!

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