Friday, January 21, 2011

Heart-Shaped Napkins

I am planning a Valentines dinner for my Grandparents on the Sunday before Valentines Day and I've been busy making cloth napkins for the dinner.  I took a red table cloth and cut it up into 17inch square sections and then mitered the corners.   I also picked up some candles and goblets from D.I. and the flowers and vase from Dollar Tree.  The flowers don't look the best, but with low lighting I'm hoping they'll be sufficient.
I LOVE to plan dinners!  Back to the whole, loving to make lists thing I guess.  It think it's really fun.  I also picked up some red themed plates from Target.  I wanted something I could use on a regular basis, as well as something that would look Valentiney.  The best part...they are pastic!!!!  What do you think?  They match our chairs and table well!
Okay, on to the napkin.  You take a square napkin:
 Fold two opposite side edges in so that they meet in the center making a rectangle.  Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise.  Rotate the napkin so the fold is on the bottom.

 Bring up both ends of the napkin so two ends touch and a point is formed on the bottom.

 Tuck under the two upper corners to create a heart shape:

There you go; a heart!  I've got a lot of cool things planned for the dinner, decoration wise so I'll be sure to share them.  I'm super excited!

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