Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 14 Pictures I love

This post seems really redundant, as Day 5 is Pictures that make me Happy.  So pretty much all the pictures in that post make me happy but I'll add a few more or 30.   My kids have been the source of so much joy,words can't describe how happy they make me.

Lilly, just a few hours old

Lilly a few days old.  She look so tiny in that swing.

I love this picture

I love how chubby Lilly's face and arms are.

Lilly used to always watch TV  while sitting on this ball.  It's good for your core right!? P.S. At least she's watching something educational in this picture.

Lilly with my Grandma I miss that lady!

This is Lilly in the Timpanogos Cave.  I want to go there with the whole family this summer.

Lilly with my sister Amelia on the hike up to the cave.

This next picture is not any of my children.  That's not why it is smaller though.  Every time I try to make it bigger it gets moved to the top of this post.?  It's Jarrett's adopted sister.  We were fishing with Jarrett's Dad and she kept pressing her face up to the netting on her stroller and going cross eyed.  It still makes me laugh!
Our master bath in our 'brand new built for us' townhome.   I miss that master bath.  We moved due to some noisy neighbors...very noisy neighbors.   Not just typical normal living noise, but hispanic polka music 24 hours a day...I'm not kidding 24 hours.   With a HUGE bass.  Thumping night and day. Yes we talked to them and the HOA many times.  I still cringe when I hear polka music.

Jarrett with his nephew he baptized.  A funny story about this:  When Jarrett and his nephew walked into the font, Lilly who was just barely 2 started crying and said "I want to take a bath with Daddy."  She was hysterical.  I had to leave and we missed the baptism.

Max just a few hours old

I LOVE our attempt at a family photo with the timer.  For some reason I thought I needed to hold Lilly up. Ha Ha This picture makes me laugh.

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