Sunday, January 2, 2011

Batman Pillow Doll

 Ever Since I made my scrap fabric pillow Max has loved it! He's always holding it and squeezing it, and laying on it, so....
I thought he might like a Batman pillow.  So I drew out a true to life,rough sketch of how I wanted it to look and then just made up some patterns from the drawing.  I thought Max would like it if the mask and cape could come off, and he does.

Here he is as Bruce Wayne

I got the idea last night and drew him up before church today, and then finished sewing him this afternoon.  Max loves him and now Lilly wants a Bat girl one.


  1. Hey Jenn - Totally fine that you read my blog. I think it is great. Thanks for looking me up... well I don't really know how you got a hold of my blog but it's all good.
    That is awesome that we all have the same callings. Ru guys still in the Beverly House? That's what we call it haha.
    I hope it has been good to you. I still have some warranty papers for like the water softner and the windows if you need them. I can get them to you or just chuck them. It has been almost 5 yrs. So I don't know when the softner expires but the windows should be life. I don't know...
    random anyway.
    Read on if you would like. It will be great to follow your blog too. Maybe we can share calling ideas. haha

  2. Jenn, I might be paying you in a few months to make me one of these for Traegan! He is NUTS about Batman and would just go crazy over one of these! I'm thinking maybe as part of his birthday present. Great job, by the way!