Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 4 Something I'm looking Forward to

Well, I never made this post yesterday because I wasn't sure what to say.  I'm still not really sure.  I guess my life isn't very exciting. Ha ha! There are a few things I'm looking forward to like

1- Not having to bundle the kids up every time I leave the house
2- Planting again flowers and veggies ( I've got big ideas drawn up for our yard this year, but whether we will have the money or energy to do it is the question.)
3- A sidewalk (hopefully this year)
4- A full driveway (instead of these 2 strips of cement to drive on.)  We've made it a full drive way up where our car is parked so we can get out of the car without steeping in weeds, mud, or snow (depending on the weather or season).  But for the poor people who come to visit us in the winter and have to step in 2 feet of snow, it's not good.  We have planted grass between the strips but that's a pain in and of itself, especially in the summer with the watering!  Anyone who has a driveway, I'm jealous!

These things are all little, and pretty meaningless, compared to the only thing I'm really, really looking forward to.  And that's being with all my family again in heaven, forever.  It's really exciting to think about all the people you'll be reunited with again!  I don't want to die now, but I am looking forward to being all together with friends and family in a "perfect" world.

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