Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 3 Parents and Siblings

Okay, so what to write about the people I love most.? Along with my own little family of course.  I'm so happy I was born into the family that I was.   I love my family dearly and words can't really describe how much they mean to me.  We've all been through a lot together and have come out stronger in the end.

I guess I'll start with the person who is the hardest for me to write about.  My Dad.  He passed away on January 18 2004.  I was 6 weeks pregnant with Lilly.  He suffered valiantly for 10 years with the pain and discomfort of Scleroderma and passed away from complications of this disease.   He taught school as an art teacher and he passed his love of art and nature to me.   Before my Mom and Dad were married he used to go snow shoeing a lot and this a picture of him doing just that.  I believe this picture was taken above Sundance.   I always remember him with a full beard, but toward the end of his life, he had only a mustache, and my Mom says that she never saw him without at least that.  I think she fell in love with his beard!

Growing up, my Mom was a stay at home Mom.  Even though money was tight, she did it and I am grateful to her for doing it.   She set a  great example for me to follow.  She and my Dad started cycling just shortly before my Dad got sick.   She continues to cycle today, completing hundreds of miles a week and riding in rides like:
 Saint's to Sinners (Salt Lake to St. George, not sure on the milage.. a lot 200?)
 Lotaja (Logan to Jackson hole Wyoming 200 miles),
 Tour of Utah ( also not sure on the milage...A LOT)
and lots of other Century (100 miler) bike rides.
All of these are 1 day rides.  Yes even the 200 miler ones.
My Mom is now, and has always been a great example of doing what's right and enduring to the end.
My Mom has come a long way since those golf ball helmets.

This is my Mom and Dad the day Jarrett and I were sealed in the temple.
This is my sisters and I.  This picture is at least 8 years old, but I thought it was cute..despite the red eyes and my horrible hair.  I never was one to do my hair and put on makeup.  This picture also has both my sisters with their natural hair color.

I have 2 beautiful sisters, both younger than me.  When I was little I was just sure that there were going to be bullies at school and I quite often told my mother that I wanted an older brother, so he could beat them up.  (I am the oldest.)  If you may have noticed, all 3 of us have a different hair color.  To answer the age old question: Yes we all have the same mother and father.

Amelia is next in line after me (3 years younger).  She is a hairstylist and a darn good one at that.
Shaunie is the youngest and is married to a great guy and has a little boy who is 2, and has another one on the way.

I've always been close to my sisters and I hope that always will be the case.  I always call and talk to them on the phone.  Especially when I've had a bad day.  And I am grateful to them for always being there for me to vent to.  They also are always willing to watch my kids when I have no one else to do it.  (Especially Amelia.)
Here is the most recent picture (that I have anyways) of my mom and sisters and I.  This was taken last year.

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