Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 5 Pictures that make me Happy

I think that pretty much all pictures make me happy, because they all have memories attached. I love to look at pictures.  It was really hard to choose. But I scanned a few, and Jarrett just loaded all of our CD's (from when Lilly was born up until now) onto our computer!  I just spent like 2 hours looking through them all and I wish I could put them all on as my favorites, but since I had to choose, here's 30 or so! Ha ha!  Here it goes:
This is a picture of my Dad when he was in his first year of college. ( I  think)
This picture still baffles me.  Since I only ever saw my Dad bald, and with a mustache and beard.

My first car!

My Dad actually found this car.  I had been looking for a first car and then one day my Dad came home and ran inside and called me to come out and he had test drove this car to our house.  I loved it immediately!  I used my hard earned Arby's money to buy it! $1800.00 1987 Suzuki Samurai!  I still miss it.
 Mine and Jarrett's wedding announcement picture

My Dad walking me down the aisle (or over the river and thru the woods) And my nephew Gavyn (ring bearer)

Jarrett and I on our honeymoon in Estes Park, Colorado.  I caught the flu while on our Honeymoon.  So I'm looking a little under the weather.
 This picture makes me happy because even though Jarrett just had his wisdom teeth out, It's a rare photo of my family when my Dad still looks not too sick and happy.

The day Jarrett and I were sealed in the temple.  I'm so glad my Dad got to be there.

 Lilly one day old

 Lilly about a week old, with Jarrett's Dad.  I love this picture!

 Lilly about 5 or 6 weeks old.  We used this picture for her Baby Blessing Announcements

 Lilly used to always slide around in her chair while eating.  Don't ask me why I don't have the seat belt thing on.

 Lilly used to love sitting in small things.  Here, a suitcase.

 Lilly wearing a Halloween wig.

 She also used to fall asleep while eating.  It's hard work you know.

Once again the 'sitting in a small thing'.  This case, a small frying pan.

 Once again.

 She looks so cute here, I wish I could go back in time and smother her with kisses.  (It's a good thing I did that often...even though there was much resistance.

Not sure what Lilly is doing here, but she sure looks cute!

Now it's Max's turn.  Max just minutes old.

I never got any photos of me holding Lilly in the hospital because I looked so horrible (16 plus hours with no epidural really does a number on you) and now I wished I had.  So even though I did NOT want this photo taken I had Jarrett take it.

 Max 1 day old.

Blessing day

1 month old

Phew!! That was a lot of photos.  I hope I didn't loose anyone.  There are a lot more pictures that make me happy, Like all of them but that would be a little much.