Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Trip to the Dentist

Yesterday was FINALLY Lilly's turn to go to the Dentist.  She has been looking forward to going ever since Max went in September.  She was so excited she could hardly stand it.  Maybe it's because we have an awesome dentist who makes going there fun, or maybe it's because we don't do very many exciting things. HA HA!  Since I'm the most awesome mom ever!  I totally forgot to bring my camera and so the few pictures I got were on my crappy phone camera.   When they brought me back Lilly was happily watching a movie and drawing a picture.  The hygienist told me she did awesome!  She said most kids older than her aren't so brave and let them take x-rays and scrape teeth!  The dentist came in seconds later to do her check up and announced she had NO CAVITIES!  Lilly was excited to remain in the No Cavities club and I breathed a sigh of relief.  We've let Lilly do most of the brushing this year and I'm glad she's done a great job!  Way to go Lilly!

Not only did Lilly get to go to the Dentist, but she got the Geneva Giant of the week award at school!  For Learning wherever she goes, doing whatever she's doing!  It's true!  That little girl loves to learn!
One more thing.  This is how a conversation went with Lilly this morning:
Lilly-  Where do you go after Elementary school?
Me- Junior High
Lilly- Oh, were do you go after Junior high?
Me- High School
Lilly: Oh, Where do you go after High School?
Me- College
Lilly- Oh, Where do you go after College?
Me- you get a job and go to work
Lilly- awwwww!  Does it ever end?
She cracks me up!


  1. Awesome! Congrats Lilly!! I was always in the Zero Cavity Club growing up. (Then I got married and didn't see a dentist in 7 years and ended up with 19 cavities and a root canal!)

  2. Aww. Lilly is such an awesome kid! Most kids are afraid of their own dentists, but Lilly's very excited. She seemed pretty happy the whole time, judging by the pictures. =)

  3. She's a brave girl, Jenn! Glad to hear that taking your kid to the dentist is not a problem. Her excitement is very obvious in the pictures! I'm happy for you and your little kid for having a healthy set of teeth. Keep it that way. Good luck and take care!

    Landen Worley