Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 7 & 8 Movies and TV

I have been putting off doing this post.  I have to be honest, I'd pretty much rather do anything than watch TV or movies.   And I've never, as long as I can remember liked watching TV or movies during the day.  If and when I do watch them, it's almost always at night.  My husband is the opposite.  He loves movies and can watch a movie he's seen before, a hundred times.  Once is plenty for me (if even that).  Seriously before I met my husband, I think I had seen 2 movies in the movie theater.  Land Before Time (with my family) and a re-release of Cinderella (with my mom, sisters and cousin).  My husband was always so dumbfounded (when we first met) when he'd ask me if I 'd seen a movie and I'd say no.  Now he rarely asks because he knows the answer will be "Unless I've seen it with you, No."    The only reason I've seen half the movies I have, is because of him.
When I do watch movies, I like to watch things that will be beneficial to me.  Like documentaries, or I like to watch DIY things or Nature shows.  I also like comedies and action movies.   I really like Westerns.  I don't really care for Romance, or "chick flicks."  I have been known to watch them, but I am usually holding back my laughter because they always seem cheesy to me.  If it's cheesy on purpose, that's one thing, but when they are trying to be serious and comes out cheesy, it's not good.
Here are a few movies and Tv shows I like and that I can stand to watch more than once.

1- I like Tim Burton's movies.
Nightmare Before Christmas
Corpse Bride
Alice in Wonderland

2- Coraline
3- Fantastic Mr. Fox
4- Napolean Dynamite
5- Nacho Libre
6-Rubin and Ed
8- 3:10 to Yuma
9- Open Range
10- True Grit
11- The Office
12- Look Around You (not to be taken seriously, but definitely worth looking at for a good laugh)
13- De located is pretty good too

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