Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine Collage

So, guess what?  Yesterday after trashing my Project: Hideous; I found the chicken wire ( it was hanging right in front of my eyes in our storage room that I had looked in a thousand times) and a much shorter strand of white Christmas lights and redid the project in 1/4 of the time it took to do the first one and it looks awesome!  I can't wait to share it when we have our Valentines Dinner with my Grandparents.  This little excerpt does have a purpose.  When I went out to our garage to get  the Christmas lights, I saw a brown bag full of newspaper from our Paper Mache Pumpkins and I thought if wrapping the  chicken wire with the lights didn't work, I could stuff the lights inside the chicken wire tube and cover the outside with newspaper to make a Japanese rice paper lantern of sorts.   Well the original project worked so I was left with a huge bag of newspaper staring at me.  It was calling out to me.  To make something.  So the kids and I made some Valentine collages, sort of like the Christmas Posters we made at Christmas time.

Max's got a little wild, but I love it!  I also love that I did not try and correct it ( like my controlling side likes to do)  In fact it inspired me to make mine the way I did.

The kids love to see their art work hanging; and really, who doesn't?

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  1. love the valentines decorations! so simple and cheap!