Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 6 A Song that makes me Cry.?

I think this one is a little weird.  I don't like to listen to sad music.  I don't like to cry and be depressed.  Maybe it's because I've had enough of it in my life, or maybe it's just my personality, but  I've never enjoyed listening to a song because it makes me cry...on purpose.
Although there are songs that bring back memories of my Dad that make me cry, but I try not listen to them, especially when I'm feeling down, or am by myself.
Here they are in order of 'sadness':

NUMBER 1: Pretty much all Neil Young stuff reminds me of my dad, but this album especially.  I love Neil Young.

NUMBER 2: Deja vu by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  You have no idea how many times I heard this album growing up.  My guess would be in the hundreds.  We would listen to it on our daily drives up in the mountains.  (To meet my Mom who was on a bike ride) and also to go on our daily hikes.

 NUMBER 3: Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti.  This and the next album on my list were the first 2 CD's I owned.  Obviously heavily influenced by my father and mother.  Led Zeppelin was another car trip album.  I remember in the summer my Dad used to roll down the windows and turn the volume up really loud!  I remember thinking that I had the coolest Dad in the world!  (P.S.  I did)

NUMBER 4:  Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon!  My Dad had this and Momentary Lapse of Reason on a tape together.  More car music.

NUMBER 5: The Beatles, Let it Be  I bought this album on CD for my Dad when he was in the hospital Physical Therapy ward recovering after his amputations.  I spent many hours there with him, listening to this album.  I still have a hard time listening to it.

NUMBER 6: Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy.  My Dad had Physical Graffiti and Houses of the Holy recored onto a tape together.  I remember many many, times, my Dad recording his records onto tapes so he could listen to them in the car.

Not ALL of these songs necessarily make me sad, but they do bring back a lot of memories, some sad, but mostly good.  All memories of growing up.  Let's face it,  my parents have awesome taste in music!

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